Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Journey to Atlantis

There was a road that looked endless. The place was made of some shiny objects. This place was the only place that explorers have never found yet in the world. This was the place that all the people were searching for and heard rumors about this place but never got to find it. The legendary explorer, Charles had found this place at last. With the help of the faithful assistant called Dan, they had finally uncovered a big mystery.

They immediately called the police, other explorers, and the explorers society to tell others the truth about the mysterious place. This place was the only place you could get Atlantean gold.

After around 1 hour of venturing this place, the group of people finally arrived at the centre of this place. Charles and Dan went to find the group of people that were waiting for them until they realized something. The people were gone and there was blood marks on the floor. The blood marks read ‘Welcome to the land of Atlantis, beware.’ Now Charles was getting freaked out by what happened to the people and Charles and Dan ran like crazy to the other side of the Atlantis until they reached the beach.

“We have to find out who or what has done this to our friends. We will have to set off now!” exclaimed Charles the leader. After they gathered all their equipment needed for the trip, they set off their journey to find the murderer.  They had been looking all day but no clues were found yet. They had only looked around 1/8 of Atlantis and still found nothing. It was getting too dark and they had to stop and sleep. They got a torch and then found the way to the beach. Dan had a secret small ball in his pocket. It felt squishy. Dan went to the beach and wet the small ball. Charles didn’t know what Dan was doing and found out that the ball turned into a boat. They went into the boat and set up a tent in the boat. Both of them told each other to go far away from the island because they didn’t want to be eaten so they paddled away with their hands.

The next day which was a very dry day, the two had woken up drenched in sweat. They had no choice but to paddle back to the island even if they didn’t want to. They went back to the island and got the tent out and disassembled it. Dan some how made the boat into a small ball again and put it in his pocket so he could get it out easily in case of emergency. We started the journey back to find the murderer in the forest part of Atlantis. We ventured half way into the forest and we stopped dead in our tracks. There were scratch marks everywhere so this was one of the places the monster had been to. The claw marks looked like it was cut a few hours ago because the freshness of how it looked but no one knew.

The last time that they ate was around 3 days ago. They had to preserve food because they only had a little amount. The air was getting too dry so they were tempted to drink as much water as they could but they couldn’t. They had to eat because they wouldn’t go any longer without food.

They found a small place in the forest and set up a small eating site. They made a small campfire to cook the food and they got some water from a near river. They had to make sure that the water was good and had no bad germs so they had to boil the water. They cooked up some noodles and it tasted horrible but had no choice but to eat it because they  would probably have to starve for 4 days. They relaxed for about 2 hours at the picnic area that they had made and suddenly, leaves fell onto their heads. They were sure that no one was in the area except the thing that killed their friends.

“Do you think that the thing that was on the trees is the killer?” asked Dan. Charles could see that Dan was getting scared and might faint.

“It’s okay Dan, just keep calm and look around for any clues. If you find any, give me a signal, okay?” Charles said calmly because Charles didn’t want to show that he was scared or Dan will start to panic.

“Wait, then does that count as a clue?” Dan asked in the verge of tears. There was a spear stuck into a tree. That must have been a spear from one of the killers, but this spear was no ordinary spear. It looked nothing like a spear that the humans used. Dan went in and took the spear out of the tree and Charles examined the spear.

“There is a small piece of paper stuck to the spear. Weird.” Charles was speaking loudly to himself. The small note read ‘People who have entered this place, beware of danger from animals and us. Get ready to greet us in the middle of this place tomorrow at 12 A.M at midnight. Don’t dare to bring weapons. Just bring your stuff except the weapons that we have seen from your friends. May no harm come to you. From the Atlanteans.’ There was a small silence until Charles confidently said “Come on, we have to go. Let’s see what they  look like. I don’t think they mean us any harm unless we bring harm to them.”

They set off for the journey and reached the centre where they started their journey’s beginning.

They found out a nasty thing at the end. There were a whole bunch of Atlantean people forming an army and Charles and Dan could hear the whole army singing in a mysterious language. Charles and Dan had a backup plan. If the Atlanteans started attacking, they would use a smoke or stun grenade and run away. They were sure the the Atlanteans didn’t know what grenades were because they didn’t see or study them.

They finally arrived at the meeting spot. Their king came up to Charles and asked “Do hde btu te jus muy sdie?” and Charles and Dan wanted to laugh but knew the Atlanteans would kill them so they held it in.

“I don’t know what you are trying to say to me.” Charles said with some signs.

“Who is your leader.” the king repeated. Charles stepped up and said that he was the leader. “Come to my village.” the king asked politely and Charles and Dan had no choice but to go to the mysterious village that Charles and Dan never found.

“Sit there.” the king ordered Charles but not Dan. Dan just stood next to Charles as a bodyguard in case something happened. Charles had no choice but to answer all the questions or they would’ve died. It was a boring 3 hour questioning and interrogating. It was finally over and then Charles and Dan were free to leave and so they left.

They hurried back to the beach and circled the whole island until they found the sailboat that they came in to Atlantis. They left the place as soon as possible and ran away. Their compass didn’t work so they had to guess which way was south and north.

After a long month of sailing towards east, they finally found land. They called for help and after 5 hours, they got help. They finally got to meet their family and friends. They got interviewed everywhere and they finally revealed the truth they had found Atlantis.

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  1. I really like this story as it is like a mystery. I like how Atlantis is fictional but you make it sound so real.
    Jimmy and The Queen