Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Escape From the Hunger Games (#4)

Charles and Dan were at home this time. They were going to watch a big game. They needed to see this annual game. It was really adventurous and risky just as they liked to do. But it was very violent. They were waiting for all the tributes to be announced live on TV. They were staying at a hotel because the hotel had all the recordings there are in the world of this game. They had to watch the ultimate Hunger Games.

“The first tribute from District 1 is, Sheldon!” The emcee said into the microphone. And the TV went on and it was finally District 6. “The first tribute from District 6 is, Caloun? Calion. Oh. Calion. Calion! The emcee said. There were only 10 districts left in the country. 

After that tribute’s name had been announced, Dan was going mad. He was shouting everywhere and running around. He was going mad. Really mad. “Oh my god! That’s my friend! That’s actually Calion in the Hunger Games!” Dan was so happy that he was crying.  

“Do you know that he might die in the arena? Do you know that he could be shot, eaten or anything in the arena?” Charles was destroying the happiness that Dan had. Now Dan wasn’t so happy about Calion going into the Hunger Games. He wanted to stop Calion straight away. Then Dan’s phone rang out of the blue. It was Calion! 

“Hey do you know that I have been chosen for District 6? I’m so happy man. You should come here and let’s have a big big party man. Bring your friend Charles along too okay? At my house!” Calion hung up the phone so Dan had no time to answer. They had no choice but to go to District 6 now. They packed their stuff and got a refund for the days that they will miss in the hotel. It will be a long trip because they were in a different country. They will have to fly all the way to the country and take a train to District 6 for 5 hours. 

They finally arrived at the airport. Now they had to find a train that could bring them to District 6. They looked for train stations and hovercraft stations in the airport. They finally found a hovercraft station but the hover craft didn’t look strong but they had no choice. They paid the tickets which were around $400 each but Charles and Dan were rich. They were legendary explorers and earns a lot. They went on the hovercraft. “District 6 please” Dan said politely.

The ride was going to take around 4 hours by hovercraft but they didn’t care. They were very entertained. Charles was watching last year’s Hunger Games on his HUD screen that he accidentally brought from the future. And Dan was playing with his Swiss Army Knife. They just had to do that until Dan gave up. He was bored playing with his Swiss Army Knife now. He was just too bored. He also turned on his HUD which he also brought back. He started watching some videos of different moves to kill with different weapons. He was just interested in this kind of stuff after killing the super villain of the future, El Sinkat. 

After what felt like years, they finally arrived at District 6. They got off and had to find Calion’s house. It was really hard to find. They didn’t even know the house number. They had to knock on ever door. After for around 30 minutes, they finally found the house. They went inside the house and Calion had his house full of people partying. 

“So welcome Dan. Long time no see. I wish we could stay in contact. You guys can go anywhere you want. By the way, the games are in 2 days. Hope you guys can come and see. Enjoy!” After that, Calion left. Charles and Dan had nothing to do here so they just went around the house looking at everything. They found different statues and also some medals of previous medals that Calion’s ancestors had won. “Oh yeah.” Calion came up of no where. “The girl tribute is there.” Calion pointed to her. “She wants a sponsor leader. I think that Charles would be good.” Calion said. 

“Sure.” Charles said. He wanted to do something useful here. He always wants to do something useful. He went up to the girl tribute. “Hi, I’m want to be your sponsor leader. I heard that you needed one from Calion.” Charles said proudly to the girl tribute. 

“Sure. My name is Roccio.” The girl said back to Charles. She looked so happy to finally have a sponsor leader. The Hunger Games were only 2 days away and no sponsor leader means that you will have to go through without outside help. Outside help was the only way that you could get things that you can’t get in the arena. 

1 day away from the devastating Hunger Games. All the tributes were in the training centre  training. Dan and Charles was resting playing games at Calion’s house. They were having so much fun. They could run around the whole house. They never knew that this house was huge. At the party they had too many people. When they were at the boss level in the game, Charles got an urgent mail from Roccio. It was talking about the sponsors. They had to get sponsors. 

Charles was now working desperately to get sponsors. He was getting mails about the sponsorship and some random people wanted to be her sponsor. Charles asked questions and Charles’ main question was are you rich, Are you willing to give up some money etc. 

After a few hours, Charles got around 30 sponsors willing to give up money. Charles was so excited for Roccio that Charles contacted her straight away. Roccio was delighted that Charles has done such a good job at getting the sponsors. She had no worries about getting infections and getting to starve inside the arena. She was now getting overconfident that she couldn’t do her training properly.

The day of the Hunger Games. Everyone was getting ready. Charles was talking to Roccio where the launching hatch was. Dan was talking to Calion in his launch room. They were walking around and looking at the map again. They were reviewing where they were going to be when they got to the arena. It was almost time to launch.

Out of no where, there were big bumps on the floor. Dan tripped over a big bump and accidentally fell into the launching hatch. Coincidentally that happened to Charles too. The door locked. “NO!” Calion and Roccio shouted. Now the District 6 people were in trouble. They had people who didn’t have proper training and Charles and Dan could die. 

Charles and Dan got launched into the arena. They didn’t even have trackers so the hovercrafts will have to keep a good eye on them. Charles and Dan found the perfect weapon. A bow and arrows and also a huge spear with a shield. They were sprinting full speed to get the weapons that they needed. They got the spear and shield but they were close to getting the bow and arrows but someone from District 8 got the bow and arrows first. Dan who had the spear and shield went charging. Dan stabbed the spear through the boys heart. The blood squirted onto Dan’s shirt. “Well this game is no mercy right?” Dan tried to sound innocent. They got the weapons that they needed to survive. As soon as they got their stuff, they ran into the nearest forest. They climbed up the trees. 

They were resting there for around 40 minutes until a rustling sound in the woods were heard by Charles. He steadied the bow and arrow. He got ready to shoot. He saw a figure moving cautiously through the bushes. Charles aimed in front of the small figure. He let go and the arrow shot. The arrow pierced through the head. The blood shot out of the body. A cannon fired in the air to signify the figure’s death. “Easier than I thought.” Charles says. He goes for the body to get the person’s supplies. All they got was some hunted fish and a small knife. They at least got a decent amount of the fish that the person killed. It would at least last them around for another three days. 

After 10 minutes the cannon fired, another figure came to the spot. It was a girl around her 20s. She was looking around the place when she saw Charles and Dan hiding in the tree. She got her knife out and shot. She missed them and hit the tree. Charles turned back and found the girl who tried to kill them. He got his bow and arrows and the girl said “Calm down. I was only trying to get your attention.” Charles lowered his bow. “I’m from District 1 and my name is Shella. I would like to team up with you.”

“Well why don’t you team up with Sheldon?” Charles asked cautiously. He was sure that she was going to betray him as soon as she got the chance to do so. The capitol was looking at this situation very seriously. They weren’t supposed to send in people who were not authorized but they were getting interested in this situation. 

“Sheldon’s too stupid. I bet he died by now.” Shella said giggling about her own team-mate. Charles wanted to team up with a person that actually knew about the Hunger Games but Charles and Dan couldn’t trust her. “Well I think that my partner here wouldn’t agree so I think I will have to either let you run or let you die.” Charles got his bow loaded. Shella got her own knives ready to throw at Dan. Dan just threw the spear at Shella without him thinking about it first. 

The spear pierced through Shella’s chest. The night was starting to fall. The anthem of Panem (the country) started to play and the photos of the dead tributes showed up. It was only the first day. “7 people dead. So 13 more people including us. 11 to kill.” Dan counted the photos and said. “Well only one of us is going to get out. I’ll just kill myself. I’m the assistant so I should die.” Dan got his spear out and pointed it at himself. Charles didn’t want Dan to commit suicide just to save him. They had to come to an agreement. 

“No! We should find out if we can get out together at the end after all the tributes are dead. That happened before right?” Charles wanted both of them to survive. They needed to get out of this arena. 

The next morning, Charles had kept watch so he shook Dan awake. They had to move on to the next stage which is to find and kill more people. Charles counted his bows and Dan laid out breakfast for both of them. They had ate the whole thing in 10 minutes. They climbed down the tree and left to the west side. They went past the Cornucopia (the middle part of the arena). Not surprisingly, all the equipment was gone. They had expected  people to be hiding in this area. Well people were but they just didn’t realize. 

They went straight past a group of tribute’s. They wanted to know what was on the other side until they found a tribute. She was a girl teenager looking around to see for a place to camp for the night. Charles and Dan just realized that it was going to be night. They had to kill her or lure her away from their camping place or else they could die. They had to make sure that she was gone before they could do anything. They came up with a plan to lure her to the Cornucopia. They were going to rustle the bushes and only show themselves once so she would follow them. They had no choice but to do so. 

They started their plan now. They had to do it before it got too dark. They wouldn’t have light then. Dan ran in front of the girl. She was looking around and started chasing her. Charles made sure to rustle the bushes. She finally reached the Cornucopia. Now Charles and Dan were safe to go and sleep in their camp. Charles took the watch for the night. 

The next day had finally come. They woke up by a sharp scream. It sounded like someone has been attacked but the cannon didn’t fire at all to signal the person’s death. There was no deaths last night. They had to keep staying. All Charles and Dan did was wake up and run. They didn’t want the attacker coming here to kill them. They wanted to go home together. 

“BANG!” It was a sound of the cannon. Someone had died in the last few minutes that Charles and Dan were fully awake now. They had left their equipment at the camp site. They were too busy running away. They had no choice but to go back. There could be any dangers on the way but had to take the risks. They had all the equipment that they needed there. 

After around 50 minutes of getting lost and running away from animals, they finally reached their campsite and saw a monkey digging around their camp. Dan ran up to the monkey and chased it away. The only thing that they had left because of the monkey was their weapons and a day worth of food. They had to hunt for food again. 

Suddenly, another cannon fired. Another death today. The hovercraft went right over Dan and Charles, the body was nearby. That means someone else was here. They had to either kill that person or they had to run away. There was no where to run away so they had to fight. Dan got out his spear. The person’s footsteps were getting louder. Charles got his bow and arrow and shot at a moving figure. The moving figure fell on the spot. Cannon fired again. The sun was setting. They had to camp here for the night but Charles and Dan made a choice. Tonight, they weren’t going to sleep, instead they were going to hunt for the remaining people. 

The anthem began to play and the people’s faces came up. There were 3 deaths tonight. There were only 8 more to kill. Charles and Dan were going to find all of those people and kill them tonight if possible. It was their mission. They set off to the cornucopia so they could go around the whole arena. They went into a part of the forest and started looking everywhere. “If someone died by our hands, the hovercraft would come right?” Dan asked.

“Yep. Why?” Charles answered. 

“Then we could go with the body by grabbing onto the claw thingy and go into the hovercraft and escape.” Dan was now thinking. They had to try out that idea. 

They walked around they found a tribute sleeping. No one else was around. Charles and Dan silently climbed up the tree and Charles stabbed the guy. The cannon fired and the hovercraft came. It scooped up the body. Charles and Dan clasped onto the claw and went into the hovercraft. They were now out of the hunger games using a sneaky tactic but it worked and because of that, there were no victors because The Capitol had to cancel the games. 

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