Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Escape From the Ultimate Future

The desert looked endless. No one knew where they were. No one except two people. Their names are Charles and Dan. They were legendary explorers. They were the first ones to discover the ultimate place called Atlantis. Now they were on a search for two missing people. Those people were really important and they had to find them no matter what. The government has sent the best explorers in the world to find the two important
people. They were in the middle of no where and still had around 500,000km to search. They were in an environment that wasn’t really safe. It was one of the most dangerous districts in Chicago. This place was a huge district.

Charles and Dan went around a corner and found a huge metal device. It looked like a portal but no one knew where it came from. “Should we go in it?” Charles asked Dan like he really wanted to go in.

“All right.” They both stepped into the portal at the same time. The portal sent them whizzing and banging to the walls. They finally made it out and they landed on grass. They  were confused and needed to know where they where they were. Charles saw a small city in a near distance. They ran to the near city and found a hotel to stay. The hotel that they stayed in was nothing like the hotel’s at home. It was really high tech. It had wall TV’s that was basically a TV that was in the air like a projector. They had no choice but to stay in that hotel and didn’t even know what all the buttons did. They stayed in for the night and when they woke up, a small robot was waiting for them. The robot served them food and did everything for them.

“Uh, where are we?” Charles was asking the robot.

“You are at Hotel Atlantia.” the robot replied. “And the year 2048.” The robot said.

“Holy...” Dan screamed. They were in the future and didn’t know what to do. They got out the hotel and said bye. They ran for the nearest person and told them what the person wouldn’t understand. The person walked away from the Charles and Dan. What do we do now? Dan was asking and a big TV screen came on a building. The TV screen read ‘Welcome to the city of Distoctia. Message delivered by the leader of LDG, Mr. Sinktu.’

“We have to find the guy called Mr. Sinktu, he seems to know a lot about this place.” Charles said proudly to Dan but he didn’t seem satisfied by what Charles had just said. They went to everybody and asked where Mr. Sinktu would be all the time. No one ever knew but they still had to go in an adventure. They are the legendary explorers of the world!

They went into every building until they found a company called LDG. They found the building and they asked the robot in the information booth about Mr. Sinktu. The robot said that it didn’t know but Charles couldn’t believe that robot. They went in the elevator and pressed the last button. They teleported into a mysterious room that smelt like perfume. They found a door at the end of the corridor and found a black wooden door. Dan knocked on the door and found out that the door wasn’t wooden. It only looked wooden. They stepped into the door and found a small bald man who was wearing a small white jacket. The man looked like a tiger on the outside.

“Are you Mr. Sinktu?” asked Dan. “Are you the one that was on the TV?” Dan was demanding for an answer now. Dan really wanted to know how to get out of this place.

“So, who are you to be so brave to visit me?” Mr. Sinktu said in a fierce voice and curious tone.

“We are the legendary explorers called Charles and Dan from the year 2025.” Charles said back in a very confident tone.

“Oh, the ones I killed a long time ago, right?” Mr. Sinktu said in an very mean voice now. “How did you resurrect? I’m very curious.”

“What do you mean? We didn’t resurrect, we came from the past.” Charles was replying very confused.

“Call me El Sinkat!” Said Mr. Sinktu. He didn’t want to be played around with. He was shocked that the legendary explorers have come back to get him again. He wanted to get a knife and kill them right away but he couldn’t because he didn’t have any knives and also he had to deal with them later. He hated them because they were the legendary explorers and that El Sinkat should’ve been.

Charles went looking for the door everywhere when he saw that the door that they entered from was closed. Now they were trapped in that big room! Dan said that he had to go to the bathroom and found the door out. El SInkat was busy talking to a person on the telepathy phone so Charles followed Dan out. They had escaped from El Sinkat and it was a matter of time until he realised.

They successfully got out of the building. “How could high tech be so bad?” Dan was saying loudly. “I mean like they could’ve spotted us right? They have all those cameras linked to their face!”

They successfully escaped from El Sinkat and tried to find a portal to get out of this place.
They found the entrance of a mysterious glowing wall. They thought that it was the portal and went through the portal.
The portal led them to a big capsule sized room. They were floating in mid air. “I think that we came to the wrong place...” Charles was talking to Dan. “I think that we are up in space now.” Actually, Charles was correct. They were in the new space hotel from Canada. “Holy shit. Why are we here? Lets find another portal! Now!” Charles said confidently.

They ran through the corridors and found a golden watery portal. They went through the banging and the twisting. They ended up in a glass dome. There was water surrounding the dome. They were now underwater! “Where are we?” Dan was shocked. ‘Welcome to the Underwater Hotel!’ A screen floating in the air said. ‘This hotel in brought to you by Mr. Sinktu.’ “Screw that guy.” Dan swore into the empty space. Now they had to find another portal.

They ran and they ran until they found a portal. The portal made them go bang now. It felt like they were about to blow up until they reached a mysterious place.

To Be Continued...

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