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Escape From the Ultimate Future Part 2 (THE THIRD BOOK)

Charles and Dan stepped out from the portal. They ended up in a huge firefight. There were huge laser beams everywhere. They had to find cover straight away. But something was weird about their necks. The soldiers all had something like a necklace on their necks.  You couldn’t see what their necklaces were doing but the person controlling it could. It was a small HUD screen. It showed basically everything. It was the new Iron Man computer. They had the GPS, the enemy’s location, allies location, targets etc. 

“Wait a minute. Why do we have a hud that is the computer floating in the air?” Dan was really aghast. “Just wow. A whole HUD in my face. Wow.” Dan was repeating. Now that they had the computer and the compass, they had to find a portal again. They found a tiny dot on the radar and found out that it was shaped like a portal. They ran west and was getting closer to the portal. And now the HUD was showing it was in the north side.

They went to the north side and suddenly, the HUD said the east side of the town and they ran there again. Then they finally found the portal. They jumped into it so they wouldn’t die in the future like El Sinkat wanted them to. 

They finally ended up somewhere what felt like two hours in the portal. They got out in a ring stadium. Their clothes changed into fighting clothes. Charles was carrying a spear and Dan was carrying a sword. They had to fight each other and suddenly, their HUD display went off. They could see their health bar in the side and they realized that they had to fight each other. They had a time limit of 2 minutes and the killer got to get out of the future. 

“Okay, we have to settle this 1 on 1. It’s me or you.” Dan said recklessly. Really recklessly. Dan tried to chop Charles into half but failed because Charles’s reflexes were really good. They had a huge match and there was 1 minute left. Dan was the only one attacking though. 

“Dan. Stop. We can end this. We can’t kill each other. We can finish this together. Dan!” Charles was shouting while blocking all the slashes. Dan was not listening. But the words ‘We can finish this together’ was echoing in his head. Dan was having a very hard time. He couldn’t focus because of those words. Then he realized he made a very big mistake because of his selfishness. 

“Well you know what. You’re correct. Let’s work this out together.” Dan concluded and they became friends again and shook hands. The time was up! They were done. They couldn’t return home and they had to stay in the future. “Wait a minute. There’s a portal right there.” Dan was saying happily. He almost stepped in the portal.

“Wait!” Charles said to Dan. “Theres another portal right there! What the hell is happening here!” Charles was deciding which one to go into. He was very confused. Charles and Dan decided. They had their final conclusion. They stepped into the portal. The portal that was the closest to them. The one that was in front of their face. “Wow this portal is so bright like the sun!” Charles was mumbling inside the portal. They had been in around 10 portals all together. 

They finally ended up in a destination. They were on polished metal floor. There were glass walls everywhere with TV screens on them. They were watching the TV until someone interrupted them. It was the only and the hideous El Sinkat. 

“Well you know what? You look exactly like the Phantom of the Opera unmasked when I look at you closely. You see the burn mark thingy there Charles?” Dan was saying to Charles who was trying not to laugh. Charles thought it was hilarious but not El Sinkat. He was furious. 

“All right! Enough of you guys! Get them to the dungeons now!” El SInkat was shouting. 

“What! Dungeons in this era! What kind of shit is that!” Dan was saying. Charles was thinking that Dan was drunk. 

They got led into the dungeon and it was really really not high tech at all. It was like a dungeon that is like a spartan jail cell. It was really dirty with mice everywhere. A whole family of mice. The mice didn’t look like normal mice. They looked like a computer mouse. “High tech stuff these days. Don’t even have real animals now.” Charles said disappointedly. Charles wanted to see a futuristic animal. 

Now they were going to get executed in the future. There will be no traces of them in the real future. Now they were in big trouble. Big big trouble. They got pinned to a wall and got tied up with transparent glass like ropes from the future. They were tied on to metal poles so the blood stains would stay there forever and be remembered. “I will preserve this as a trophy to myself.” El Sinkat said happily. He was gone mad. El Sinkat was a mad man.

The killer robot started coming out. He looked really friendly but he wasn’t. You could tell because it was it belonged to El Sinkat. The robot had a huge smile like the Joker’s from the Dark Knight. It was happy to kill people. It had a tremendously huge sword. The sword was around 5 feet long and was made of very thing sharp metal. That was a sword with little gadgets on the blade. It was impossible for a human to carry that blade.

“Any last words?” El Sinkat asks. They new that after their last words, they were going to die. The robot was swinging the sword everywhere. It was practicing for it’s ultimate killing session.  

“No last words El Sinkat.” Dan said confidently. Then the robot approached him first. The robot placed the sword next to Dan’s neck. Now that Dan was about to get executed Charles started blabbering something out of his mouth. Charles didn’t want his only faithful partner, Dan to die. 

The 5-foot long sword was going to slash through Dan’s neck in any second. The robot now put on a horrifying bloody face. It looked like a zombie that just killed any people with blood all over it’s face. It was the last thing that you didn’t want to see before dying. 

The robot raised up it’s sword. Dan got ready to die in a really painful way and was seeing something that he didn’t want to see before dying. Dan closed his eyes slowly. He could hear the robot getting the signal. ‘Ready, Aim, ...’ Bang!!! This is what Dan had heard. Dan opened his eyes and saw that he was not dead. Charles was still beside him tied up to the metal pole. But there was something missing in front of him. The Robot! The robot had a huge hole in the side of it’s head. There was blueish green liquid coming out of the robot. They were saved! But how did the robot die? 

El Sinkat was looking in a direction. Charles and Dan looked that way. There was a huge sniper in a distance. The sniper was on the building. “Curse that guy!” El Sinkat was blabbering to himself. Charles and Dan had the chance to escape while El Sinkat was swearing to the sniper. The sniper shot their ropes and gave them the chance to run away. But they couldn’t leave just yet. Dan had a secret pocketknife in his pocket that no one knew. He was using it in the mission back at the desert. The mission to find the V.I.P’s and Dan had been using the knife to kill the dangerous animals. 

“Hey. El Sick Cat! Say cheese!” Dan threw the knife to El Sinkat. The knife went right through the head of El Sinkat. The blood came spurting out of the head and El Sinkat was killed. 

Now Charles and Dan ran to the direction of the sniper. They found the building and was running out of breath. Charles and Dan didn’t want the sniper to go away. They wanted to find the way out and thank the sniper. They ran up the stairs of the building and found the sniper cleaning up the place and packing up the sniper rifle. “Hey. Thanks for saving us.” Charles said. 

“No problem. And call me Linda.” Linda said to Charles. Linda was leaving the building. Charles and Dan followed her out.

“Hey. Do you know if there are any portals nearby? Like portals that bring people to the past. Like to 2050?” Charles was really desperate to get out of this time. He wanted to go back home. 

“Well. Good thing you caught up to me. I know. And I also make portals.” Linda replied. They went twisting and turning around the city.

“How did you know we were getting killed?” Dan was curious. He had to ask that question.

“Well, it was everywhere. People talking about it and news and stuff.” Linda replied to Dan. Now Dan was really thinking how the people knew this but didn’t bother to ask. “Here we are. At the portal. Good luck getting back to your time!” Linda shouted as Charles and Dan were about to step in the portal.

Charles and Dan stepped into the portal and went whizzing and banging again and reached home. “Wait no! I forgot my knife!” Dan shouted. And history was changed after their journey. 

THE END... For this journey though 

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